Garage Shelving in Fulsher

Finding a spot for all the items in your garage can be a headache. Many times people have a hard time deciding which items they should keep up high, which they should keep down low, and which they should throw away. With the help of Garage Storage of Missouri City, this family got the garage they’ve always dreamed of having.

The Monkey Bar Storage shelving systems are unique in that they allow for double storage space. Place long term storage items on top of the shelf. More frequently used items can be placed on the hooks below the shelf. With the ability to place hooks frontward facing and backwards, this family was able to place everything they needed all in one space. In total, these systems can hold 3x the amount of stuff as their competitors in 1/3 the amount of space.

For additional storage space, this family utilized a drop down shelf bellow their Monkey Bar Storage Shelving system. Drop down shelving is a great option for families with small children because they can be adjusted to the child’s height and easily changed as the child grows.

garage shelving fulsher
We use the best garage shelving Fulsher has available. You can hang both large and small items of a variety of weights. In fact, all of our shelving systems come with a 1,000 weight limit.

This use of garage shelving in Fulsher was a complete success. They family was very happy with the end result and loved their experience working with Johnny Goff and his team. Do you have a need for garage storage in Fulsher? If so, give us a call today at (832)564-4530 to get a no obligation, free estimate.