Garage Shelving in Kathy, TX

Many times people feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they have. With individual needs and hobbies, it can be hard to find a storage solution that fits exact needs. Why settle for cookie cutter, right?

As this family in Kathy, TX found out, we provide our customers with a 100% customized solution for their storage needs. By taking into account individual preferences on colors and textures, understanding your lifestyle, and incorporating your needs, we are able to create a one of a kind system that is just for you.

garage shelving kathy, tx

This garage shelving in Kathy, TX was made directly for them. The floating cabinet is easily cleaned under and is inline with the unique, one of a kind workbench. For tool and other small item storage, Slatwall was installed behind the workbench area.

Extra storage space needed to be cooperated with this work area, that’s why a hook shelving system was installed under the workbench. The hook system makes grabbing items like tools, super quick and easy. And with a spot for everything, returning them to their spot afterwards is easy. It’s the best garage shelving Kathy has to offer.

Missouri City 2

Additional storage space for long term items can be kept above the workbench or on top.

This homeowner chose a beautiful chocolate brown color in the cabinets to be displayed in their garage. To compliment chocolate brown cabinets, an epoxy floor coating was installed in only 24 hours. This flooring is is water and slip resistant, a perfect choice for a busy family.

Kathy, TX

Jealous seeing these beautiful garage photos? Give us a call today a 832-564-4530 to learn how we can help you set up a free, no obligation estimate. Learn more about our options for garage shelving in Kathy, today.