Houston’s Messiest Garage Contest

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How embarrassed would you be if a group of complete strangers walked into your garage and judged you based on its content and current state? Homeowner Peggy Kircher wasn’t the least taken back when this happened to her.

This fall, Garage Storage of Missouri City, Monkey Bars Storage Systems, 800 Got Junk, and The Salvation Army collaborated with Houston’s National Association of Professional Organizers Chapter to provide on lucky homeowner with a complete garage makeover. Applicants were required to shamelessly show their messy garages and allow organizers to have complete control of what happened to the content. Their reward would be a completely organized garage installed with storage systems perfectly fitted to their needs and hobbies.

Peggy and Son

Out of the hundreds of applications, the list was narrowed down to three finalists by a submission essay they wrote and evaluations of their garages. The three finalists were judged on what their needs were, what the quarters were like, and what type of opportunity there was in the garage space .

The lucky winner, Peggy Kircher, submitted an essay written with the help of her 21 year old son. In 2008, Hurricane Ike flooded and ruined Peggy’s home. As a single mom, this came as a giant blow to her financially. Slowly, over the next 18 months, she redid her home room by room. Finally her home was what she had always imagined. While her home was what she’d always imagined, her garage had suddenly become a holding ground for all the things that didn’t work in her new dream home. That’s where Garage Storage of Missouri City came in.

With the help of many workers and Peggy, Garage Storage of Missouri City completely moved all the mess from the garage and began to organize it into piles. Items were divided into what would be kept, thrown away and donated. Then, Johnny Goff, owner of Garage Storage of Missouri City created a one-of-a-kind system just for Peggy and her son.

New Shelving Systems

“My son is a basketball coach and our garage system was made so that he has a place for all his basketball shoes,” said Peggy.

In addition to the uniqueness of the new garage system, she complimented the quality and durability of her new storage system. Her favorite feature is that she can now park her car in the garage when she couldn’t before.